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Franchising with Burrito Zone

Burrito Zone Advantage

At Burrito Zone, we are committed to the success of all our franchises. We offer the skills and support needed for a successful business through our comprehensive training programs, covering areas such as general store operations, accounting for small business, customer service, sales support and marketing. An effective centralized ordering system streamlines and routes orders based on location. The result allows retailers to focus on making and delivering great food at a reasonable price. Innovative store design by our experts ensures that each location is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for both customers and employees. We also provide on-going support to ensure our stores continue to be in optimum condition.

Site Development

Each and every Burrito Zone is a valuable piece of the Franchise network. With our expert team of professionals, we scout out new locations and prospects for all new Burrito Zone franchises. We are committed to finding ideal locations and follow a proven formula in order to establish a successful location. Once the location for Burrito Zone is identified, we negotiate the lease on your behalf, ensuring the best locations for the best price possible. Afterwards, our team of designers and developers will work to finish the store’s interior and exterior to meet the specific criteria of Burrito Zone identity and branding guidelines. All of your equipment and supplies are ready and waiting for you on the first day you operate your new Burrito Zone franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Franchise Fee?

The Franchise Fee is $20,000

How Much are the Royalties?

Burrito Zone Franchisees pay royalties of $300 plus applicable taxes for the week.

What is the Advertising Fee?

The Advertising Fee is no less than 2% of gross sales for the restaurant plus applicable taxes per week for local advertising. National and international advertising and promotional campaigns are extra.

What are the Costs of Opening?

The costs of opening can range from $140,000-$200,000 depending on the size and location of the store. The Turnkey operation prices include the following:

  • Initial Franchise Fee
  • Grand Opening Advertising
  • Rent and Security Deposits
  • Utilities
  • Construction leaseholds
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Opening Inventory
  • Telephone, Computer, Printer and Scanner
  • Training (Travel, Hotel and food)
  • Shipping (Equipment)
  • Licenses and legal fees

What are the Basic Requirements?

  • 50% of purchase price of unencumbered cash
  • A net worth of $70,000
  • A satisfactory credit rating
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Willingness to succeed

How do I go about obtaining a Franchise?

Please contact
Vick Darubra at 416-873-3855

Is Previous Experience Necessary?

While it is definitely an asset, previous experience is not a requirement.

Is Involvement Mandatory?

We require that individual franchisees and major shareholders of corporate franchisees devote their full time and attention to their franchise location. However, a franchise may appoint a full time manager in their place with Burrito Zone management’s written consent.


Initial Franchisee Fee $20,000
Leasehold Improvements/Store Fixtures $75,000
Equipment $60,000
Inventory at Cost $7,000
Opening Advertising $5,500
Training $2,500
TOTAL $170,000

NOTES: All costs are estimated based on a 1000 sq. ft. store. For a full cost breakdown please refer to the Franchisee Disclosure agreement.